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  • STAR WARS #45

    THE GREATEST TRIAL IN THE GALAXY CONTINUES! LANDO CALRISSIAN is on trial for crimes against the ALLIANCE. The evidence is clear, and his friends have turned against him, from LUKE SKYWALKER to LEIA ORGANA. Lando’s only hope… is DARTH VADER?
  • Black Widow & Hawkeye #2

    When tensions between Black Widow’s symbiote and Hawkeye put Clint’s life in danger, Natasha will have to decide where her loyalties lie — and what she’s willing to do to prove it. Meanwhile, Clint’s enemies are moving in fast, and … Více
  • Captain Marvel #6

    BATTLE FOR THE BANDS! It’s a Captain Marvel showdown! With Carol Danvers and her unwitting sidekick Yuna Yang continuing to slip his grasp, Genis-Vell goes after his half brother, Hulkling—and the altered Nega-Bands in his and Wiccan’s wedding rings! Plus, … Více
  • Star Wars Vol. 7: Dark Droids TP

    The Dark Droids saga casts its shadow over the flagship Star Wars title! Something has gone horribly wrong with Lobot, putting the Rebellion at terrible risk! Lando Calrissian will do anything to save his friend, even if it means betraying … Více
  • Moon Knight Vol. 5: The Last Days Of Moon Knight TP

    The Moon is rising as the focus shifts to Moon Knight’s fellow Khonshu devotee, Hunter’s Moon! The past comes back to bedevil Moon Knight as he pursues his latest enemy — someone both familiar and new. From grim New York … Více
  • Black Widow & Hawkeye #1

    THE EYES OF A HAWK AND THE VENOM OF A WIDOW! Even when Black Widow and Hawkeye had no one to trust, they still had each other—even though their paths sometimes diverged. So when Clint Barton is accused of a … Více
  • STAR WARS #43

    A SITH IN THE MIND’S EYE! LUKE SKYWALKER is trapped deep behind enemy lines, hunted by a rogue SITH who sees the nascent JEDI KNIGHT as his chance at new ascendancy. How will Luke survive… and who will he be … Více
  • Captain Marvel #5

    REVELATIONS IN THE WINGS! Who are the Undone, and what do they want with Captain Marvel? Their worlds already intersect more than the Captain knows… And if that’s stressing Carol out, “tense” takes on a whole new meaning when Yuna … Více
  • Batman / Santa Claus: Silent Knight #4

    IT’S CHRISTMAS EVIL! The nefarious Krampus unleashes a flock of killer harpies on London and it’s time to call in the big guns! Half the Justice League meets a most unusual elf who takes them to Norway to help Santa … Více
  • Moon Knight #29

    THE FINAL HOURS OF MOON KNIGHT! As the clock ticks down, Moon Knight battles the Black Spectre for the fate of the city — and every step forward is paid for with blood. Will Moon Knight and his allies thwart … Více
  • STAR WARS #39

    DROID DEATH TRAP! LANDO CALRISSIAN has finally gotten his hands on the ancient droid with the ability to save his old friend LOBOT from certain death. But before that can happen, they must escape JABBA THE HUTT’S PALACE on TATOOINE, … Více
  • Star Wars Vol. 6: Quests of the Force TP

    Far, far from home! Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa and an elite crew of Rebel heroes are lost in the farthest reaches of No-Space after a mission gone wrong. A desperate maneuver is their only chance to find a way home … Více
  • Dark X-Men #2

    SAVE THEM ALL OR DIE TRYING! The Dark X-Men’s first “rescue mission” ended in blood and flame, the team is already at each other’s throats, and the fallen now rise against them. Plus, Madelyne Pryor makes the worst mistake possible … Více
  • Moon Knight Vol. 4: Road to Ruin TP

    Dreams and nightmares! Moon Knight wrestles with revelations from a savage murder — and there’s more blood on the streets as assassins work their way through the list of names who once formed his Shadow Cabinet! But with a number … Více
  • Moon Knight #27

    THE HUNT FOR BLACK SPECTRE! On the hunt for the Black Spectre, Moon Knight and Hunter’s Moon must chase an informant into the darkest cave of all—the human mind! But what horrors await the Fists of Khonshu in the depths … Více
  • Moon Knight #26

    While Moon Knight is dealing with the apocalyptic events of MOON KNIGHT #25, what of Hunter’s Moon? Khonshu’s faithful Fist leads new converts to war, but how exactly was his most recent resurrection flawed, and does this new weakness spell … Více
  • Trials of X Vol. 10 TP

    Endings and beginnings in the Trials of X! As Orphan-Maker faces the ultimate penalty for his horrible crime, secrets and betrayals come to the surface—and the outcome may mean the end of the Hellions! Then, Otherworld falls as Merlyn and … Více
  • Trials of X Vol. 9 TP

    The Trials of X are more massive than ever! As Storm battles the Lethal Legion on Mars, there are explosive problems on the Peak—and the mole inside S.W.O.R.D. stands revealed! Wolverine hunts the leviathan that lurks off the shores of … Více
  • Moon Knight #22

    The Were-Woman hunts! Tigra sets her sights on the Midnight Man, stalking her prey across the concrete jungle, while Moon Knight pursues new leads in a mystery that raises new questions with every answer!   LEGACY #222
  • Variant

    WildC.A.T.s #1

    Cover D Ben Oliver Card Stock Variant

  • WildC.A.T.s #1

    BETTER LIVING THROUGH VIOLENCE Spinning off from the pages of Batman comes a senses-shattering new series! The HALO Corporation has gathered a motley crew of operatives, led by Cole “Grifter” Cash, who are going to make the world a better … Více
  • Moon Knight #15

    Moon Knight needs information and must rely on his old allies to get it for him. Secrets are ferreted out from the steamiest gutters to the highest seats of power, while Moon Knight must reveal a hidden truth to those … Více
  • Sleva

    Reign Of X Vol 14 TP

    Tragic endings and new beginnings in the Reign of X! X-Factor face an eventful night at the Hellfire Gala as secrets are revealed—and a fatal discovery is made. The morning after, Nightcrawler deals with the hangover…and tries to root out … Více
  • Reign Of X Vol 12 TP

    Party time in the Reign of X! The Hellfire Gala is the biggest mutant event of the season, and Emma Frost is your host for a night of dinner, drinks and deceit. Everyone will be there, dressed to the nines—your … Více
  • X-Force by Benjamin Percy Vol. 1 HC

    The high price of a new dawn! The have an island home and a bright future at last—but the dangers that mutants face are far from over! That means they need X-Force—the mutant CIA—half intelligence branch, half special ops. Beast, … Více
  • Shadow War: Omega #1

    THE SHADOW WAR’S EPIC CONCLUSION! The shocking finale of the Shadow War! Lives have been lost. Heroes and villains have fallen in battle. And now the real mastermind behind the Shadow War has been revealed. But they are far from … Více
  • I AM BATMAN #9

    EMPIRE STATE OF MIND, PART 4 As the mysterious serial killer’s motivation becomes more and more clear—as the entire city of New York finds itself divided over the repercussions of his actions—Jace begins to question more and more whether his … Více
  • Reign Of X Vol 9 TP

    Life and death stakes in the Reign of X! As Empath’s misdeeds come back to haunt him, the Hellions are rocked by a battle years in the making: Psylocke vs. Betsy Braddock! Wolverine takes the fight to the vampire nation … Více
  • Reign Of X Vol 8 TP

    As Cable and his allies draw closer to the secret of the missing mutant baby, a fateful reckoning draws ever closer! The origin of the Children of the Atom is revealed—but who really are these junior X-Men behind their masks? … Více
  • Variant

    I AM BATMAN #4

    Rafael Sarmento Variant Cover

  • SHADOWMAN VOL 01: Fear of the Dark TP

    DON’T FEAR YOUR DEMONS… FIGHT THEM! Orphaned as a child and raised on the margins of society, Jack Boniface never knew his place in the world. Until he discovered it waiting for him… in a darkness far older than the … Více
  • Variant

    I AM BATMAN #2

    Francesco Mattina Variant Cover