Moon Knight Vol. 4: Road to Ruin TP


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Dreams and nightmares! Moon Knight wrestles with revelations from a savage murder — and there’s more blood on the streets as assassins work their way through the list of names who once formed his Shadow Cabinet! But with a number of potential targets and no idea who’s next, how can Moon Knight save his former associates? And when a sinister pied piper plays a deadly tune — one that spells death and chaos to all who hear it — Marc must figure out how to fight someone whose will is not their own! Tigra stalks the Midnight Man across the concrete jungle, and the Midnight Mission welcomes a surprising traveler in need of aid: Venom! But when the boundaries between the waking world and the realm of sleep grow porous, Moon Knight must face his old enemy Morpheus!

Collecting MOON KNIGHT (2021) #19-24.

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