Reign Of X Vol 9 TP


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Life and death stakes in the Reign of X!
As Empath’s misdeeds come back to haunt him, the Hellions are rocked by a battle years in the making: Psylocke vs. Betsy Braddock! Wolverine takes the fight to the vampire nation in a quest to stop Dracula’s plot—but what sacrifices must he make for humans and mutants to see the next dawn? Meanwhile, some of the New Mutants are looking for love in all the wrong places! On Krakoa, Fabian Cortez and the Quiet Council discuss the rules of murder—but in space, the killings have already begun… And a dark force is secretly manipulating X-Factor’s lives, just as a striking revelation about one of their deaths comes to light!

Hellions (2020) #11 / Wolverine (2020) #11-12 / New Mutants (2019) #18 / S.W.O.R.D. (2020) #5 / X-Factor (2020) #7

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