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    Reign Of X Vol 14 TP

    Tragic endings and new beginnings in the Reign of X! X-Factor face an eventful night at the Hellfire Gala as secrets are revealed—and a fatal discovery is made. The morning after, Nightcrawler deals with the hangover…and tries to root out … Více
  • Reign Of X Vol 12 TP

    Party time in the Reign of X! The Hellfire Gala is the biggest mutant event of the season, and Emma Frost is your host for a night of dinner, drinks and deceit. Everyone will be there, dressed to the nines—your … Více
  • Reign Of X Vol 9 TP

    Life and death stakes in the Reign of X! As Empath’s misdeeds come back to haunt him, the Hellions are rocked by a battle years in the making: Psylocke vs. Betsy Braddock! Wolverine takes the fight to the vampire nation … Více
  • Reign Of X Vol 8 TP

    As Cable and his allies draw closer to the secret of the missing mutant baby, a fateful reckoning draws ever closer! The origin of the Children of the Atom is revealed—but who really are these junior X-Men behind their masks? … Více
  • Reign Of X Vol 7 TP

    Collects X-Force (2019) #18-19, Children of the Atom (2021) #2, New Mutants (2019) #16-17, Cable (2020) #9. Dark secrets in the Reign of X! Quentin Quire returns to Krakoa to find a nightmare creature wreaking havoc on his teammates. The … Více