Superior Spider-Man Omnibus Vol. 1 HC

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Otto Octavius is Superior!

When a dying Doctor Octopus swaps his mind into Peter Parker’s body, he sentences his accursed enemy to oblivion — and sets out to prove that he is the smarter, stronger…Superior Spider-Man! Upgrading Spidey’s costume and arsenal, Otto Octavius works wonders for “Peter’s” scientific career — but his much more violent approach to crimefighting doesn’t sit well with the Avengers! The ruthless new Spider-Man battles — and brutalizes — his way through Peter’s rogues’ gallery. But will Otto’s fiercest fight be against the resurgent Green Goblin — or whatever is left inside his mind of the one, true Peter Parker? The modern-classic Spider-Man saga that shocked the world is collected in a truly Superior Omnibus!

Collecting Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #698-700, Superior Spider-Man (2013) #1-31 and Superior Spider-Man Annual #1-2.

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