Green Lantern #87

2024 Facsimile Edition


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“Beware My Power” The first appearance of John Stewart. An injury to Guy Gardner prompted the Guardians of the Universe to recruit African-American architect John Stewart as Green Lantern Hal Jordan’s new back up. Initially, Jordan didn’t much care for Stewart’s hostile attitude toward authority figures. However, the substitute Green Lantern proved his worth during a rally held by a racist politician Jeremiah Clutcher. He rescued a police officer from a gunman, then proved how Senator Clutcher staged his own assassination attempt to bolster his bid for the presidency. Stewart went on to become one of the Green Lantern Corps’ most valued members.”What Can One Man Do?” Featuring Green Arrow. This is the first credited work of Elliot S! Maggin.”Earth’s First Green Lantern!” Reprinted from Green Lantern #16

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