Doctor Strange by Aaron & Bachalo Omnibus HC

Mike Perkins Variant Edition


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JASON AARON and CHRIS BACHALO work their wizardry to revitalize a Marvel icon — and spell misery for the Marvel Universe! The relentless Empirikul are coming. Every mage and mystic will feel their wrath; every talisman and totem will be destroyed in their wake. As Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme, it is Doctor Strange’s solemn oath to stand in their way. Defeat is unthinkable — but so is the price of victory! Strange always knew magic comes at a cost. Now, with his greatest foes waiting in the wings to exploit any weakness, he’s about to learn how painful it can be when the bill finally comes due!

Collecting Doctor Strange (2015) #1-20 and Annual (2016) #1, and Doctor Strange: Last Days of Magic.

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