BATMAN: No Man’s Land Omnibus Vol. 1 HC


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After suffering a cataclysmic earthquake, the U.S. government has deemed Gotham City uninhabitable and ordered all citizens to leave. It is now months later and those that have refused to vacate No Man s Land live amidst a citywide turf war in which the strongest prey on the weak. Batman and his allies including the enigmatic new Batgirl, Nightwing, Oracle and Robin must fight to save Gotham during its darkest hour and return Justice to the destroyed city. Includes Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #116-121, Azrael: Agent of the Bat #51-57, Batman #563-568, Batman: Shadow of the Bat #83-88, Detective Comics #730-735, Catwoman #72-74, Robin #67, The Batman Chronicles #16-17, Nightwing #35-37, Batman: No Man s Land (Collector s) #1, Batman: No Man s Land Gallery #1, and Young Justice In No Man s Land #1.

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