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    Úložný box na komiksy s potiskem. Preserve your comic collection with Marvel Graphic Comic Boxes! Inside dimensions – 15-1/2′ x 7-5/8′ x 10-7/8′
  • Venomnibus by Cates & Stegman HC

    Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman’s epic reinvention of Venom! An ancient and primordial evil surfaces beneath New York, awakening something deep inside Eddie Brock’s symbiote – and nothing will ever be the same for Venom! Cletus Kasady wreaks Absolute Carnage … Více
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  • Venom Vol. 2: Deviation TP

    The new Venom is in the fight of his life — and he may be in it alone! As Dylan Brock and his symbiote continue to learn to live together without Eddie Brock, the Life Foundation has activated a deadly … Více
  • Variant

    Venom #12

    Stegman Variant

  • Variant

    Venom #10

    Siqueira Variant

  • Venom #10

    THE CAGE OPENS THE COLOSSAL CAPSTONE TO THE SECOND ARC OF THIS EPIC NEW ERA OF VENOM! Torn across space and time through the symbiote hive, Eddie Brock’s soul is pushed to its absolute limit! Manipulated and maligned by forces … Více
  • Ms. Marvel & Venom #1

    Venom is on the hunt…but who is hunting Venom?! Ms. Marvel and Dylan Brock, the new wicked web-slinger on the block, team up as a scheme to harness the symbiote rears its ugly head. The finale will also reveal the … Více
  • Venom: Lethal Protector #3

    SINS OF OMISSION THE TOUR DE FORCE THROUGH YESTERYEAR CONTINUES! Brains are back on the menu, as VENOM returns to his violent and spectacular roots in this bone-chilling and bone-crunching issue. BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE, TRUE BELIEVERS! This ain’t your … Více
  • VENOM by Donny Cates VOL 03 HC

    When a dangerous armored foe named Virus erupts into Venom’s life, he threatens to rip away everything Eddie Brock holds dear. His son, his symbiote — even himself! But as their battle spirals out of control, Venom suddenly finds himself … Více
  • VENOM #32

    THE OTHER SIDE KING IN BLACK ARRIVES! EDDIE BROCK is about to face the biggest challenge of his life…but he’s not alone. LEGACY #197 | KING IN BLACK TIE-IN