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  • PREDATOR Vol. 1: Day of the Hunter TP

    Hunt. Kill. Repeat. In the near future, a young girl sees her family slaughtered by the deadliest and most feared hunter in the universe: a Predator. Years later, though her ship is barely holding together and food is running short, … Více
  • Variant

    Predator #1

    Barends Variant

  • Predator #6

    DAY OF THE HUNTER, PART 6 OF 6 Theta and the Astar team are under attack by a Predator! But is this the one Theta has been searching for all her life? Don’t miss what happens as Theta comes face-to-face … Více
  • Predator #5

    DAY OF THE HUNTER, PART 5 OF 6 Theta has been taken prisoner…but her captors aren’t the Predators! Who are they? And will Theta be able to escape? Or will the Predators finally avenge their fallen kin?
  • Variant

    Predator #3

    Harvey Variant