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  • Strange #4

    FAMILY REUNION! Clea’s mother Umar has come to visit, just as the Blasphemy Cartel launch their latest attack on the Sanctum Sanctorum! And this time, they brought an unlikely foe to take down the Sorcerer Supreme! Reintroducing the dark Moon … Více
  • Strange Academy #18

    Platitudes get thrown around a lot in these pages, but if you’ve been reading STRANGE ACADEMY, you know we don’t mess around. So listen up. AFTER THIS ISSUE, THINGS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AT STRANGE ACADEMY. Seriously, you do … Více
  • 1650 
  • Doctor Strange by Aaron & Bachalo Omnibus HC

    JASON AARON and CHRIS BACHALO work their wizardry to revitalize a Marvel icon — and spell misery for the Marvel Universe! The relentless Empirikul are coming. Every mage and mystic will feel their wrath; every talisman and totem will be … Více
  • Strange #3

    Someone is preying on the misery and suffering of New York’s citizens. Clea Strange is all too familiar with the demons and monsters that stalk humans. But what happens when it’s the humans who are hunting the monsters? LEGACY #419
  • Strange #2

    Clea comes face-to-face with the mysterious Harvestman, as they both face off against an undead foe! Though just as Clea begins to uncover ways to bring Stephen Strange back, another attack upon the magical realm is at hand! But Clea … Více
  • The Death of Doctor Strange Companion TP

    Doctor Strange is dead! And without Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme to hold back the darkness at the edges of reality, the world is suddenly under siege from all kinds of mystical threats. Now, as an unexpected investigator races against the clock … Více
  • Death of Doctor Strange #5 (of 5)

    THE MURDERER IS REVEALED! The Marvel Universe stands at the brink of destruction. The Three Mothers and their master, the Peregrine Child, are about to claim victory. And Strange’s murderer is having the last laugh. It all comes down to … Více
  • Variant

    Death of Doctor Strange #4 (of 5)

    Annie Wu Villains’ Reign Variant

  • Death of Doctor Strange #4 (of 5)

    WHO WILL BE THE NEW SORCERER SUPREME? Someone has to stop the giant mystical threat devouring all magic, and it can’t be the Avengers. Or the Fantastic Four. Or the X-Men. It’ll take someone with the greatest skills and command … Více
  • Death of Doctor Strange #3 (of 5)

    MEET THE THREE MOTHERS! With no Sorcerer Supreme, Earth is left entirely defenseless against the mother – MOTHERS – of all mystical threats. Meet the Three Mothers: the Wyrd, an alien mage-priestess; the Crown, a powerful warrior-queen; and the Crawling, … Více

    The dimensional-warp tour keeps rolling as SPIDER-MAN comes face-to-face with a certain big red dinosaur! If dinosaurs weren’t enough, an unlikely HULK rears his frightening head! PLUS: Black Cat and Doctor Strange!
  • MARVEL ZOMBIES: Resurrection #4 (of 4)

    Spider-Man made a promise to keep people safe, and he’s not going to quit, even in the literal jaws of death.
  • DOCTOR STRANGE 6: Bůh magie

    ZLO JE VŠUDE, A SVĚT POTŘEBUJE NEJVYŠŠÍHO ČARODĚJE VÍC NEŽ KDY PŘEDTÍM. Ale Nejvyšším čarodějem je nyní… Loki?! Pozdravte Mistra neplechářských umění! Severský pán lží má plášť, kouzla… dokonce má jako asistentku Zelmu Stantonovou (a možná i jako něco víc?). … Více
  • Variant

    DR. STRANGE #5

    Variant Cover

  • DOCTOR STRANGE VOL 03: Blood In The Aether PREM HC

    Collects Doctor Strange (2015) #11-16. In the aftermath of THE LAST DAYS OF MAGIC, journey back to the first days of Doctor Strange! How did Stephen Strange become the Sorcerer Supreme — and how has he lost it all? In … Více