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  • X Deaths Of Wolverine #5

    DEAD END THE FUTURE CRASHES INTO THE PRESENT WITH THE SHOWDOWN YOU’LL HAVE TO SEE TO BELIEVE! WEEK 10—It’s WOLVERINE versus WOLVERINE?! With the time-traveling mission behind him, the truth will be revealed. But who—or WHAT—will remain as the OMEGA … Více
  • X Deaths Of Wolverine #3

    PROTECTING THE PRESENT! WEEK 6—With WOLVERINE saving the past, who protects the present? WOLVERINES, that’s who! The “Wolverine family” of WOLVERINE (LAURA KINNEY), DAKEN and SCOUT enters the fray as the dark side of Wolverine’s time-traveling mission comes into focus. … Více
  • Variant

    X Deaths Of Wolverine #1

    Gerald Parel Variant Edition