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  • The Vampire Slayer Vol. 3 TP

    Willow’s takeover as the Slayer concludes here! While Xander gets ready for a monstrous confrontation, he finds a new one in his relationship as well… a fight that could mean the end in more ways than one. But Willow and … Více
  • The Vampire Slayer Vol. 2 TP

    WILLOWVERSE continues as Buffy still struggles with her powerless predicament, feeling envy and frustration as her sense of purpose is lost with the existence of the new Slayer. But there are more pressing problems… Both separately and together, the gang … Více
  • The Vampire Slayer Vol. 1 TP

    A new era of the Slayerverse has arrived! After years of fighting against the forces of evil, Buffy Summers has lost her powers… and her very identity itself. It’s up to an unprepared and inexperienced new Slayer to take up … Více