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  • Star Wars: Dark Droids TP

    “First, it comes for the metal…” It is called the Scourge – and no droid is safe from its corruption! As the Scourge spreads from one droid to the next, both the Rebel Alliance and the Empire face uprisings, chaos … Více
  • Variant

    STAR WARS: Dark Droids #4

    Stott Scourged Variant

  • STAR WARS: Dark Droids #4

    THE SCOURGE IS ON THE VERGE OF HIS ULTIMATE TRIUMPH! The EMPIRE decrees: BEWARE THE DROIDS! Horrible laboratories across the galaxy are focused on transporting his many minds from DROIDS…into ORGANICS! But unbeknown to the Scourge, a FINAL CHALLENGE to … Více
  • STAR WARS: Dark Droids #3

    THE SCOURGE DESCENDS ON MUSTAFAR! For the evil intelligence taking over droids across the galaxy, there is no greater prize than THE FORCE. And who better to steal it from than a being who is more machine than man…DARTH VADER!