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  • Spider-Man: India #5

    SPIDEY’S SAVIOR OR CERPENT DOOM?! SPIDER-MAN’s final battle with the LIZARD puts all of Mumbai at risk—and the ravenous reptile’s dangerous experiments have pushed the creature’s powerful ally over the edge. Pavitr’s one chance to save the city may rest … Více
  • Spider-Man: India #4

    RETURN OF THE LIZARD! THE LIZARD and its new terrifying ally (REDACTED) have hit SPIDER-MAN where he’s at his weakest. The wall-crawler is cornered with no hope of escape. What Spidey does next will not only seal his own fate—but … Více
  • Spider-Man: India #3

    SPIDER-MAN INDIA…NO MORE?! PAVITR PRABHAKAR’s latest SHOCKING decision has shaken his world to its core! How can he pick up the pieces when the entire city is turning against SPIDER-MAN?! And with the LIZARD on the loose, Mumbai faces a … Více