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  • Spider-Boy #5

    A MONSTEROUS REMATCH! Bailey Briggs lost his family when Madame Monstrosity made him into Spider-Boy now she’s taken his best friend! Bailey swore he would save Helifino when next they met, but will he even get the chance?!
  • Spider-Boy #4

    We’ve seen Spider-Boy “monster out” before…but who’s to say that’s not his true form? Maybe he’s more spider than boy and it’s “Bailey Briggs” that’s really his disguise? Join special guest star Miles Morales as he tracks down the terror … Více
  • Spider-Boy #3

    DISASSEMBLY REQUIRED! The richest jerk on the planet now owns the deadliest fighting machine of all time! How can Spider-Boy even hope to stop… the Toy Soldier?! Watch out, kid! This one-of-a-kind collectible can KILL! Also… the Webless Wonder teams … Více
  • Spider-Boy #2

    VERSUS TASKMASTER! Spider-Boy’s history of punching up has been wiped from the memory of most of the Marvel Universe, but that doesn’t mean he can’t hold his own! Plus, SPIDER-MAN gets a lesson in sidekicks from none other than CAPTAIN … Více
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    Spider-Boy #1

    Chris Campana Variant