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  • RADIANT BLACK VOL. 1: (Not So) Secret Origins TP

    THE MOST ACCLAIMED NEW SERIES OF 2021! Visionary writer KYLE HIGGINS (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Ultraman) and artist MARCELO COSTA reinvent super heroes for a new generation! Nathan Burnett has just turned 30, and things aren’t great-he’s working (and failing) … Více
  • Radiant Black #10

    EXISTENCE Welcome to Existence. An unimaginable infinity beyond space and time. Marshall is trapped there. But how? And why? Can he make it out? And what is Catalyst?
  • Radiant Black #8

    001 / THE UNLEASHED: ECHOES OF SORROW, PART IV The battle for the Radiants tears through Chicago. Can this unlikely new team stand against an enemy who knows more about their powers than they do? And even if they win…what … Více
  • Variant

    Radiant Black #8

    Jose Carlos Variant Cover