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  • Moon Knight: City of the Dead #5

    Having fulfilled his sinister ritual, the JACKAL KNIGHT’s ultimate ascendance is at hand—by conquering the land of the living with the endless hordes of the City of the Dead! Outnumbered and overwhelmed, can Moon Knight dig deep within himself to … Více
  • Variant

    Moon Knight: City of the Dead #4

    Nothing is more feared in the City of the Dead than the ancient crocodile goddess known as AMMUT THE DEVOURER. Unfortunately for Marc Spector, he is currently being digested inside Ammut’s belly, memory by memory. Can Moon Knight survive the … Více
  • Moon Knight: City of the Dead #3

    Trapped in the clutches of the sinister JACKAL KNIGHT, Moon Knight and Scarlet Scarab must face an army of dead super villains in order to save a young runaway’s life. But the City of the Dead is shaped by one’s … Více