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  • Monica Rambeau: Photon TP

    It’s up to Photon to put the universe back together! From the New Orleans Harbor Patrol to the Avengers, the Ultimates and beyond — Monica Rambeau, the hero known as Photon, has been a leader and team player her entire … Více
  • MONICA RAMBEAU: Photon #5

    IS THIS THE END FOR MONICA RAMBEAU? Monica is pretty sick of navigating topsy-turvy fractured realities and their strange denizens—who keep insisting she’s the problem! Unfortunately, the only way out is by doing the one thing she wants to do … Více
  • MONICA RAMBEAU: Photon #4

    With nowhere left to turn and the universe crumbling around her, Monica must look to an unexpected source to find answers—or life as she knows it will be gone forever! And as the journey continues, so do the revelations about … Více
  • MONICA RAMBEAU: Photon #3

    Betsy Cola Planet Of The Apes Variant