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  • Wolverine: Madripoor Knights #2

    MELEE IN MADRIPOOR AS ROUGHOUSE AND BLOODSCREAM RETURN! WOLVERINE, CAPTAIN AMERICA and BLACK WIDOW delve deeper into the mystery of the missing weapon in Madripoor and come face-to-face with Logan’s old enemies, ROUGHOUSE and BLOODSCREAM! If Bloodscream gets his hands … Více
  • Variant

    Wolverine: Madripoor Knights #1

    Carlos Magno Variant

  • Wolverine: Madripoor Knights #1

    CLAREMONT, CAP, WIDOW and WOLVERINE—TOGETHER AGAIN! Return to the island-nation of Madripoor as X-Men legend Chris Claremont takes the helm of an all-new WOLVERINE tale teaming Logan with his long-standing friends CAPTAIN AMERICA and the BLACK WIDOW! Picking up in the window … Více