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  • KAIJU NO 8 GN Vol. 3 TP

    Kafka manages to fight off the humanoid kaiju, rescuing Iharu and Reno. But before he can change back to his human form, Kafka’s spotted by Defense Force officers, and the neutralization unit-led by none other than Vice-Captain Hoshina himself-is dispatched … Více
  • Kaiju No. 8 Vol. 2 TP

    When the final test of the Defense Force screening exam ends, a mysterious humanoid kaiju revives a neutralized honju and sics it on Kikoru Shinomiya and the rest of the examinees. Just when Kikoru seems to be at the end … Více
  • (Kopírovat)

    Kafka hopes to one day keep his pact with his childhood friend Mina to join the Japan Defense Force and fight by her side. But while she’s out neutralizing kaiju as Third Division captain, Kafka is stuck cleaning up the … Více