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    He changed everything for mutantkind and explored the Krakoan era. Now the keeper of the mutant flame, JONATHAN HICKMAN, presents his next incendiary saga! Mystique, former mutant terrorist and espionage agent supreme, is loyal to Professor X’s Quiet Council for … Více
  • Inferno #4 (OF 4)

    TO EMBERS! Jonathan Hickman’s time on X-Men ends with the dramatic conclusion of one of the first and best mysteries he brought to the line. Valerio Schiti returns on art to help bring down one of the foundations of the … Více
  • Inferno #2 (OF 4)

    FEEL THE FIRE! Secrets. Lies. They have a way of coming out and biting you when you least expect them. The secrets and lies of Krakoa will shake it to it foundation. Head of X Jonathan Hickman, continues a tale … Více
  • Variant

    Inferno #1 (OF 4)

    Mark Brooks Wraparound Variant

  • Inferno #1 (OF 4)

    THE CULMINATION OF JONATHAN HICKMAN’S X-MEN BEGINS HERE! “There will be an island-not the first, but the last…” Promises were made and broken. The rulers of Krakoa have been playing a dangerous game with a dangerous woman, and they are … Více
  • Inferno #3 (OF 4)

    NIMROD STRIKES! Krakoa’s troubles don’t attack one at a time. Jonathan Hickman reunites with his POWERS OF X collaborator R.B. Silva for the penultimate chapter of his X-Swan Song.