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  • Green Lantern Vol. 1: Back In Action TP

    Hal Jordan’s homecoming may not be the welcome he was hoping for! Spinning out of the events of Dark Crisis, the Guardians of Oa at the heart of the Green Lantern Corps have quarantined Sector 2814, home of the planet … Více
  • Green Lantern #10

    HAL JORDAN RETURNS TO OA! With Hal’s ring newly recharged, he leaves Earth for Oa to uncover the mystery surrounding the Central Power Batteries, while Carol makes a choice that will change her destiny forever! Plus: Kevin Maguire joins Green … Více
  • Green Lantern #9

    HAL JORDAN TRAPPED… ON EARTH! Unable to leave the atmosphere, the Green Lantern looks for help from a mystical source, which leads him to a mysterious gateway and surprising answers to the origin of Hal’s ring.
  • Green Lantern #8

    HAL JORDAN VS. THE UNITED PLANETS! After the revelations of what happened on Korugar, Hal discovers the United Planets are consolidating power in the universe by nefarious means, but before he can stop them, representatives of the United Planets Corps … Více