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  • Fishflies #5

    Franny and the bug seek shelter at a farmhouse with two elderly siblings. Elsewhere, Helen DuPuis finds a strange symbol in the woods that she’s determined is the link between all the mysteries, while Officer Laraque finds a lead of … Více
  • Fishflies #4

    Francis Fox and her new friend attempt to escape their hiding place on her father’s farm while Helen DuPuis is visited by her own strange visitor in the hospital. Will Helen find out who shot her son Paul or will … Více
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    Fishflies #3

    Cover B Sorrentino Variant

  • Fishflies #3

    Officer Danny Laraque arrives at Fred Fox’s farm to pursue a lead on finding the man who shot Paul DuPuis. Young Francis Fox holds a major clue but isn’t going to betray her new friend. A special extra-length issue from … Více
  • Fishflies #2

    Franny Fox continues to assist the strange fugitive after his wild metamorphosis while elsewhere in Belle River, the residents of the town continue to search for the perpetrator that shot young Paul DuPuis. An extra-special extra-length issue from JEFF LEMIRE … Více