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  • Blackguard Vol. 3 TP

    I don’t want to lose you. Minami has never really felt any sort of attachment to the world around him…until now. Miyaji is infected, and all Minami can think about is how to save his comrade-in-arms. Meanwhile, Todoroki has vanished … Více
  • Blackguard Vol. 2 TP

    What does it mean to be alive? Minami—a young Guard who’s rumored to be invincible—thinks about dying every day. In a world overrun by ape-like creatures called shojo, he has battled alone and thrown himself into all kinds of danger. … Více
  • Blackguard Vol. 1 TP

    The world is no longer what it used to be. Shojo—ferocious, ape-like creatures who feed on humans—roam the land, and anyone who’s bitten becomes infected with the same mysterious virus. Humanity has resisted by building aerial cities and forming special … Více