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  • A Haunted Girl #4

    Mini-Series Finale. With the fate of the lives of everyone she loves hanging in the balance, Cleo reluctantly heads towards a showdown with the Queen of the Dead. But can she overcome her own inner demons-the depression that almost destroyed … Více
  • A Haunted Girl #3

    On the run from a horrifying succession of ghosts, Cleo learns she’s at the center of a coming apocalypse. As if high school wasn’t terrifying enough for a 16-year-old with crippling depression and suicidal thoughts! But all may not be … Více
  • A Haunted Girl #2

    As Cleo struggles to reintegrate into her high school after a stay in a psychiatric hospital for her depression and suicidal thoughts, she is being hunted by a supernatural terror that only she can see. Can the 16-year-old unravel the … Více
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    A Haunted Girl #1

    Cover B Ossio Variant

  • A Haunted Girl #1

    MINISERIES PREMIERE Cleo, an adopted 16-year-old Japanese-American whose depression drove her to near-suicide, is trying unsuccessfully to reintegrate back into her old life. But her struggles are just beginning as she encounters an increasingly terrifying succession of ghosts. Is she … Více