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  • THE FLASH #43

    Barry Allen is a man divided, forced to either help his father remain on the run from the law, or bring him to justice. As Barry grapples with that impossible choice, The Flash becomes a target of the Folded Man, … Více
  • SUPERMAN #43

    Before “Truth”: Superman’s very existence is threatened, and Lois Lane must make the toughest choice of her life!
  • INJUSTICE: Gods Among Us: Year Four #8

    The tables have been turned, and now Superman himself has been driven underground…way underground. Ares directs the Man of Steel to Hades, where he assures Superman some assistance will be found. Back on the surface world, Wonder Woman confronts Batman, … Více
  • INJUSTICE: Gods Among Us: Year Four #7

    It’s a family feud years in the making, and raised to a devastating level, as a superpowered Batman and Robin engage in an earth-shaking battle. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman takes on Hercules, Shazam battles everyone, and even Zeus enters the fray!