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  • Steelworks #6

    THE EPIC FINALE! As a massive mecha battle rages across Metropolis between John Henry Irons and his fierce rival Charles Walker III, the ultimate sacrifice is made to ensure Metropolis’s clean- energy future will live on! Life, death, and a … Více
  • Variant

    Steelworks #5

    Cover B Diego Latorre Card Stock Variant

  • Steelworks #4

    CENTENNIAL DAY UNDER SIEGE! As crowds gather for Metropolis’s biggest annual celebration—Centennial Day—danger lurks on the horizon as Charles Walker III and his deadly Silver Mist plan their endgame against John Henry Irons! When the Steelworks tech turns on its … Více
  • Steelworks #3

    AT THE MERCY OF THE SILVER MIST! Natasha Irons may have solved the mystery of the strange intruder at Steelworks Tower…but will she live to tell the tale? The Silver Mist’s plan to sabotage Steel’s technology takes a twisted new … Více
  • Label

    Waller vs. Wildstorm #2

    Cover B Eric Battle Variant

  • CATWOMAN #46

    Lines are blurred as Eiko Hasigawa and Catwoman start playing too nice with one another and each lets their guard down—and in a ruthless city like Gotham, you can’t trust anyone but yourself to watch your back. And Catwoman should … Více