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    HARLEY QUINN: SUPER-VILLAIN FOR HIRE! Hey, Puddin’! Meet the new and improved Harley Quinn SUPER-VILLAIN FOR HIRE. THAT’S RIGHT, YOU JABRONIS I’M BACK AND I’M BUSTIN’ HEADS. Okay, just between you and me though, this is all part of a … Více
  • Variant

    Suicide Squad: Dream Team #2

    Cover B Sweeney Boo Card Stock Variant


    CLOWN BABE BIRTHDAY BASH-NANZA! Rub the sleep outta yer eyebulbs, ya lazy berks! It’s the start of a whole new arc of my book, and it’s off to a bang! After dealing with multiversal shenanigans for so long, a girl … Více
  • Disney Villains: Cruella De Vil #1

    The beloved Disney villain – in her own FABULOUS series, darling! Even though there’s absolutely no hard evidence that noted couturière Cruella De Vil was ever involved in the theft of any Dalmatian puppies, her name has been ruined in … Více
  • Wonder Girl 2022 Annual

    LEGENDS AND AGGRESSIONS After an unforgettable first visit to Themyscira (see Trial of the Amazons), Yara Flor has been crowned Wonder Girl and her Esquecida tribe accepted into the Amazon sisterhood…so what now? The jungles of Brazil beckon our heroes … Více