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  • King Spawn Vol. 2 TP

    Spawn returns to where his journey began: New York City. This is where the God Throne, the Dead Zones, and the prophecy of King Spawn all collide. Will Spawn take the crown, or will he doom the world instead?
  • King Spawn #26

    Clown is back on the streets of New York City, but it’s not Al he’s hunting. Who is Clown after, and can Spawn save them in time?
  • King Spawn #20

    With the DEADZONES now thrown wide open, Spawn must face an entire new breed of enemy. Not one that wants to take over the world, but one that wants to destroy it completely.

    WARWORLD RISING, PART SIX / TALES OF METROPOLIS: THE GUARDIAN Superman keeps the abandoned Warworld weapon out of the hands of anyone who might misuse it. But now the Justice League questions his judgment. It’s time for Clark Kent to … Více
  • Variant

    SUPERMAN #32

    In-Hyuk Lee Variant