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  • King Spawn Vol. 1 TP

    When one of the vilest creatures ever imprisoned in Hell is released back onto Earth, Spawn follows the clues right into a trap set just for him. But why does Kincaid want Spawn to ascend the throne of Hell, and … Více
  • King Spawn #15

    Spawn is KING. All hail the KING! Unfortunately, like in any monarchy, plots are already in motion to depose the ruler and send him to a place even worse than HELL…
  • King Spawn #10

    The God Throne, the Dead Zones, and the prophecy of King Spawn. While trying to save the world from the forces that seek to destroy it, has Spawn actually set the end-times in motion himself?
  • King Spawn #9

    The God Throne is close to completion, and Exodus Foundation and their “partners” have plans for Spawn. But Spawn isn’t just going to fall into their trap. He has plans of his own…
  • King Spawn #8

    What is the mysterious Exodus Foundation and what are their nefarious goals and why would they be offering Al a seat on the God Throne?
  • Variant

    King Spawn #7

    Javi Fernandez Variant Edition

  • King Spawn #7

    Spawn returns to where his journey began: New York City. The city has always had the touch of filth in its streets, but now the rot has reached the boardroom of one of the largest hedge funds in the world.
  • King Spawn #5

    The predictions of the one they call THE ORACLE begin to come true. Spawn must now face a group of angels bent on the destruction of everything in its path-including God himself, if need be.
  • King Spawn #3

    New fan-favorite creative team LEWIS & FERNANDEZ continue their dark trek into a world beginning to come undone at the seams. Enemies have begun to unite as the battle for the gates of Hell continues to escalate. And Kincaid is … Více
  • King Spawn #4

    Spawn locates Kincaid and the two finally face off. But was that his plan the entire time? Meanwhile, Jessica and Medieval continue their globetrotting hunt for superpowered terrorists!
  • Variant


    Tedesco Variant


    WARWORLD RISING, PART SIX / TALES OF METROPOLIS: THE GUARDIAN Superman keeps the abandoned Warworld weapon out of the hands of anyone who might misuse it. But now the Justice League questions his judgment. It’s time for Clark Kent to … Více
  • King Spawn #2

    One of the most vile and horrific villains in the SPAWN mythology returns: Billy Kincaid…now, simply called KINCAID. But his new campaign to murder is more than it seems. Like everyone else in SPAWN’S UNIVERSE…battle lines have been drawn, and … Více
  • Variant

    SUPERMAN #32

    In-Hyuk Lee Variant