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  • PENNYWORTH #4 (OF 7)

    The continuing high-octane story of the early years of Gotham’s most famous butler! Trapped in a burning building in the Arctic, Alfred faces unimagined savagery and appalling conditions, but finds something more dangerous and brutal than living, breathing weapons: the … Více
  • PENNYWORTH #3 (OF 7)

    Continuing the hit spy series that tells the tales of Alfred Pennyworth’s pre-Gotham years! As Alfred fights his way through the tunnels below the North Pole base—without wrinkling his suit—he searches for information about the Soviets’ bizarre weapons. Finding himself … Více
  • PENNYWORTH #2 (OF 7)

    More MI6 adventures for the star of TV’s Pennyworth! While investigating the possibility of nuclear weapons in a Soviet military base near the arctic circle on behalf of MI6, Alfred and Shirley find the real danger is something they never expected: … Více
  • Variant

    PENNYWORTH #1 (OF 7)

    Juan Gedeon Variant Edition

  • PENNYWORTH #1 (OF 7)

    Spanning the years between the hit TV show and today, Pennyworth tells the continuing adventures of Alfred Pennyworth as an MI6 counterintelligence agent-this time in Cold War-era Soviet Russia. When Alfred and his partner receive intelligence that nuclear weapons are … Více