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  • Daredevil by Saladin Ahmed Vol. 1: Hell Breaks Loose TP

    Daredevil is born again – all over again! Industry stars Saladin Ahmed and Aaron Kuder have laced up and entered the ring, ready to take Matt Murdock on a knockout of an adventure! But how is he back? Where does his wife, Elektra, fit … Více
  • Daredevil #7

    THE WOLF IS AT THE DOOR! The pulse-pounding DAREDEVIL saga from Saladin Ahmed and Aaron Kuder continues—as whatever mysterious force that has made Matt Murdock’s life a living hell for weeks has now put him and his fearless alter ego … Více
  • Daredevil #5

    DAREDEVIL’S SECOND ARC BEGINS WITH A BRUTAL BOUT! In the senses-shattering second arc of DAREDEVIL, creators Saladin Ahmed and Germán Peralta continue the explosive debut of this new series featuring an all-new villain for Daredevil to face down! LEGACY #667
  • Variant

    Daredevil #5

    Greg & Tim Hildebrandt Daredevil Marvel Masterpieces III Variant

  • Daredevil #4

    DON’T MISS…BULLSEYE! BULLSEYE makes his bloody entrance into Matt Murdock’s new life, and Hell’s Kitchen is caught in the crossfire. As the bodies pile up, DAREDEVIL is forced to make an impossible choice between stopping his deadliest enemy…and saving the … Více
  • Daredevil #3

    Daredevil pounds pavement and breaks bones on a crusade against the upstart gang terrorizing Hell’s Kitchen. But that crusade will put Matt face-to-face with his deadliest enemy—and threaten the very souls of those closest to him. LEGACY #665
  • Daredevil #2

    THE NEW ERA OF DAREDEVIL CONTINUES! Industry stars Saladin Ahmed and Aaron Kuder’s next exciting chapter of DAREDEVIL’s new era continues following Daredevil’s shocking status quo revealed in issue #1! Corruption is tearing Hell’s Kitchen apart! Those who have sworn … Více
  • Variant

    Daredevil #1

    Portacio Bullseye Variant

  • Miles Morales: Spider-Man Vol. 7: Beyond TP

    What lies Beyond for Miles Morales? Momentous events in the world of Peter Parker are about to have dire repercussions for both Miles and his metamorphic clone, Shift! But what does this domino effect of events mean for Ben Reilly, … Více
  • Variant


    Manna X-Gwen Variant


    With her nephew at death’s door, May Parker is not just going to sit around accepting that Peter’s ailments aren’t solvable with conventional means. Aunt May is going to seek UNCONVENTIONAL MEANS by way of her ex-fiancé DOCTOR OCTOPUS! One … Více
  • Variant


    Iban Coello CAPTAIN AMERICA 80TH Variant Edition