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  • Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League – Batman #1

    TIME’S UP When Pariah and his forces of the Great Darkness laid waste to the most powerful superheroes of all time, all hope was lost…until now. To power his weapons of war, Pariah has captured each member of the Justice … Více
  • Blue & Gold #4

    SPLITTIN’ IMAGE Bros over heroes no more! Booster Gold and Blue Beetle find running a superhero business together more difficult than it looks when these inseparable friends end up on the verge of a breakup! What could be the cause of … Více
  • Blue & Gold #2

    PINK SLIP Who needs the Justice League anyway? Our heroes certainly don’t! After a painful rejection from the DC Universe’s team of a-list heroes, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle strike out on their own. Thanks to the Kord Industries fortune, … Více
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    Blue & Gold #1

    Dave Johnson Variant

  • Blue & Gold #1

    APPLICATION DENIED Desperate to regain the spotlight, Booster Gold looks to attract the public’s (and Justice League’s) attention the same way any washed-up, second-rate hero would—social media. The not-so-tech-savvy hero from the 25th century enlists the help of his best … Více
  • LEGION OF SUPER HEROES VOL 02: The Trial of the Legion TP

    “Brian Michael Bendis and Ryan Sook’s reinvention of the future’s greatest super-team continues! The United Planets is less than thrilled with the decision to bring Superboy a thousand years into the future to protect the past. Planet Gotham is under … Více