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  • Secret Invasion #3

    NOW I KNOW YOU’RE HUMAN KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE AND YOUR SKRULLS CLOSER! A familiar face from Maria’s past is behind the Skrull incursion in New York—but are they acting alone? Who else is supporting them? And what is their … Více
  • Secret Invasion #2

    ALL I NEED TO DO IS KILL Maria Hill has a Skrull in custody, but she knows there’s bound to be more…good thing she’s got a foolproof Skrull detector ready to go. Maria Hill is extremely competent and extremely motivated … Více
  • The Darkhold: Wasp #1

    INTRODUCING THE IRREDEEMABLE WASP! Renowned colorist and writer Jordie Bellaire makes her Marvel writing debut with a story that will make you shrink in fear! Bidden to draw forth five archetypal heroes, the Scarlet Witch chose Janet Van Dyne as … Více
  • SPIDER-VERSE #2 (OF 6)

    The entire SPIDER-VERSE is in trouble including a world where Aunt May got the Spider-Powers (like you saw in SPIDER-GEDDON). But don’t think that this is just a cute and charming story as it introduces some of the scariest villains … Více