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  • Scrapper #6

    MINISERIES FINALE Scrapper takes the fight all the way to SMITE’s leader, but theres one more terrible surprise for him waiting there. Meanwhile, all that stands between SMITE and city-wide animal mind control is our team of strays and varmints. … Více
  • Scrapper #5

    Scrapper and the cats need to free the strays that SMITE is keeping prisoner and keep the organization from releasing a potion that will turn all the city’s animals into mind-controlled minions. A tall enough order, even without Scrapper discovering … Více
  • Scrapper #4

    Scrapper’s risk-taking has put his friends in great danger. Rescued by a secret cadre of feral cats, it’s now up to him and his feline posse to spring Tank and Daisy from of one of the most secure SMITE bases … Více