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  • Variant

    Thanos #4

    Taurin Clarke Variant

  • Thanos #4

    VS. DEATH! Death rejects Thanos once and for all, and the Mad Titan does not take it well. What follows is the most consequential fight in the history of the Marvel Universe…
  • Variant

    Thanos #3

    Doaly Marvel ’97 Variant

  • Thanos #3

    Thanos unlocks Roberta’s true memories as the goddess Death—and she is not happy about it! Nor are the Illuminati, who are the ones who had given her this new human identity—but first, they must deal with getting the entire city … Více
  • Thanos #2

    THE ILLUMINATI’S SECRET WEAPON: HULK! The new Illuminati move on Thanos to prevent him from destroying the Earth as part of his quest to reclaim his beloved Death, which means it’s time to bring in the biggest gun they’ve got: … Více
  • Thanos #1

    THANOS VS. THE ILLUMINATI! The Mad Titan descends upon Earth to retrieve something he has lost. And the Illuminati must band together to stop him, because they’re the ones who hid it from him!
  • Sleva


    THE LABORS OF MAGIK, BOOK FOUR: THE QUEEN IS DEAD, LONG LIVE THE QUEEN   AN END OF AN ERA…IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE! The time has come for Magik to conquer her demons. Will Illyana be able to contend … Více