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  • The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing Vol. 2 HC

    The Joker’s wayward world tour continues, as he turns LA into a war zone—before heading back to Gotham to settle some scores! The Joker’s cataclysmic solo series continues! He’s worn out his welcome in LA and plans to head back … Více
  • Captain Marvel #6

    BATTLE FOR THE BANDS! It’s a Captain Marvel showdown! With Carol Danvers and her unwitting sidekick Yuna Yang continuing to slip his grasp, Genis-Vell goes after his half brother, Hulkling—and the altered Nega-Bands in his and Wiccan’s wedding rings! Plus, … Více
  • Venom #32

    BACK TO THE FUTURE! In the greatest depths of space and at the end of existence, within the flowering fauna of the symbiotic GARDEN OF TIME, some carnivorous new species has blossomed. Something bloodred, with thorns…and an appetite! LEGACY #232
  • Variant

    The Amazing Spider-Man #44

    Tadam Gyadu Variant

  • What If…?: Venom #1

    Years ago, in a familiar church tower, the Venom symbiote was spurned by Peter Parker and found a willing host in the vengeful and wrathful Eddie Brock! Or, at least, that’s the story you know! From rising stars Jeremy Holt (MARVEL’S VOICES: … Více
  • Captain Marvel #5

    REVELATIONS IN THE WINGS! Who are the Undone, and what do they want with Captain Marvel? Their worlds already intersect more than the Captain knows… And if that’s stressing Carol out, “tense” takes on a whole new meaning when Yuna … Více