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    Giant-Size Spider-Gwen #1

    Kei Zama Variant

  • Giant-Size Spider-Gwen #1

    Swinging from the pages of SPIDER-GWEN: SMASH, GWEN STACY has finally found some balance in her home dimension. But when the remnants of the CARNAGE symbiote resurface in Gwen’s bandmate MARY JANE, they attract the attention of something…sinister. ORLANDO OCATVIUS, the … Více
  • Spider-Gwen: Smash #4

    This tour was just supposed to be about the music, but when Bruce Banner’s experiments yield shockingly symbiotic results, Gwen will have to finally pick a side in this all-out super-hero smash fest!
  • Spider-Gwen: Smash #3

    After an amazing concert in Los Angeles, Gwen is hoping for a quiet day off with the Mary Janes, but that is quickly ruined when Dazzler goes missing! Plus the secret origin of Earth-65’s HULK is finally revealed!
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #114

    As the Hour grows Darkest, the only hope for curing the grid… and saving the Power Rangers from extinction… is connecting to the very heart of the Morphin Grid!! But even though the Power Rangers are joined by the HyperForce … Více
  • MIGHTY MORPHIN: Power Rangers #107

    Zedd is more powerful than ever, while Grace’s second in command keeps a past plan alive, which may provide a cutting edge in the battle with Dark Specter… or prove to be the Rangers’ undoing. Meanwhile, Mistress Vile finds the … Více
  • MIGHTY MORPHIN: Power Rangers #105

    New players are added to the board as the Power Rangers continue their frantic search for their missing Green Ranger. Meanwhile, the Omega Rangers have encountered perils of their own… In a perilous hunt for THE DEATH RANGER, is help … Více
  • MIGHTY MORPHIN: Power Rangers #104

    Readers and longtime fans know Rita Repulsa as the Rangers’ first and most infamous adversary, but there’s more to her mysterious past! Rita – now known as Mistress Vile – maintains Matt’s imprisonment and reveals new revelations about her history. … Více
  • MIGHTY MORPHIN: Power Rangers #101

    The CHARGE TO 100 brought everything together in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #100, now discover the bold new future for the bestselling franchise! Writer Melissa Flores (Power Rangers, The Dead Lucky) and artist Simona Di Gianfelice (All-New Firefly) reunite all … Více