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    Red Hood: The Hill #2

    Cover B Riley Rossmo Card Stock Variant

  • Red Hood: The Hill #2

    THINGS HEAT UP IN THE HILL! IS ANYONE SAFE? Jason Todd (a.k.a. Red Hood) and Dana Harlowe (a.k.a. Strike) find their relationship strained in more ways than one. While in costume, Red Hood—as well as other members of The Watch—urges … Více
  • Green Lantern: War Journal #6

    THE FIRST STORY ARC CONCLUDES HERE! The climactic conclusion of the first arc of Green Lantern: War Journal! John Stewart’s team has faced heavy losses, and he alone comes face-to-face with the Revenant Queen! His only hope to save Earth … Více
  • Green Lantern: War Journal #5

    THE HUNT BEGINS! Suited up with new armor and his newly forged, experimental Green Lantern ring, John Stewart leads his allies Shepherd and Prophet Rayner into the rain forest on a race against time to stop the Radiant Dead’s invasion … Více
  • Steelworks #2

    ENTER: THE SILVER MIST! John Henry Irons’s Steelworks company may be up and running, but this radical reimagining of Metropolis civic works has caught the attention of the biggest players in the city—both good and evil! With rival businessman Charles … Více
  • Black Adam #12

    EAST OF EGYPT, CONCLUSION: MARCH There is no redemption for Black Adam…or is there? In the series finale, Black Adam faces his ultimate foe…himself. Having saved the All-Father of the Akkadian New Gods, he is granted his truest desire—redemption. But … Více
  • Black Adam #11

    EAST OF EGYPT, BOOK 4 “Everybody Hates Theo.” Black Adam’s actions turn everyone against him, including his own people and even Bolt, as the entire Middle East is brought to the brink of war and the Akkadian New Gods usher … Více