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  • Star Wars: The High Republic – Shadows of Starlight #3

    BELL ZETTIFAR: JEDI KNIGHT! Many JEDI KNIGHTS were lost in the fall of STARLIGHT BEACON, and many lost their way after the disaster. BELL ZETTIFAR did not. With his trusty charhound EMBER at his side, Bell will battle to rid … Více
  • Star Wars: The High Republic #1

    STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC RETURNS FOR ITS EXPLOSIVE PHASE III! A year after the destruction of STARLIGHT BEACON, MARCHION RO and THE NIHIL stand victorious! The galaxy is in turmoil: The once mighty JEDI are outclassed, the REPUBLIC is … Více
  • Variant

    Captain America: The Trial of Captain America Omnibus HC

    2023 Printing Steve McNiven DM Variant

  • Star Wars: The High Republic #3

    BALANCE OF THE FORCE, CHAPTER III: TEY SIRREK GUARDIAN NO MORE! Vildar and Matty at the mercy of the GUARDIANS OF THE WHILLS! The truth about Tey Sirrek revealed. Terror is about to strike at the Temple of Kyber!
  • Star Wars: The High Republic #2

    BALANCE OF THE FORCE, CHAPTER II: TEY SIRREK DEATH STRIKES ON JEDHA! A Jedi lies dead in an ancient shrine, another on the trail of the murderer. Who is using ancient Force powers on the streets of the holy city, … Více
  • Nubia: Queen of the Amazons #1

    NEW BEGINNINGS Nubia may be queen, but not all Amazons call Themyscira home, which prompts the new monarch to leave Themyscira for the first time in decades to serve her people in a way Hippolyta never had the opportunity to. … Více