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  • Star Wars: The High Republic #3

    LOURNA DEE’s treachery has been revealed! But can she escape as the REPUBLIC DEFENSE COALITION combines forces with an unlikely ally? JEDI MASTER KEEVE TRENNIS must board a ship she thought was lost, but is anyone prepared for the extent … Více
  • Star Wars: The High Republic – Shadows of Starlight #2

    STARLIGHT DOWN! More SECRETS are revealed from the “MISSING YEAR” following the fall of STARLIGHT BEACON! ELZAR MANN and AVAR KRISS, star-crossed JEDI MASTERS, attempt to navigate a galaxy that seems determined to keep them apart… What is the STORMWALL, … Více
  • Captain Carter #5

    THE END OF THE LINE! Captain Carter’s powerful enemies are closing in, painting her as dangerous and out of touch with reality. But Peggy’s mind has never been clearer—and now that she knows what she’s up against, she’s going to … Více
  • Captain Carter #4

    CAPTAIN CARTER ON THE RUN! Peggy and her dwindling list of allies just became prime targets for a sinister group operating at the highest levels of British society. Before she was Captain Carter, Peggy was Agent Carter…but can she rely … Více
  • Captain Carter #3

    ENTER IRON MAN! Captain Carter has plenty on her hands already, wrestling with a betrayal from the very organization she thought she could trust. Is Tony Stark here to help? Or will he be just another complication at a time … Více
  • Variant

    Captain Carter #2

    Aspinall Variant Cover