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  • Variant

    Power Girl #7

    Cover D Sozomaika Women’s History Month Card Stock Variant

  • Variant

    Power Girl #5

    Cover B Jeff Spokes Card Stock Variant

  • Power Girl #4

    THE ORIGIN OF SYMBIO REVEALED! Will Power Girl be able to fight the dark entity who has been lurking inside her enemies? Or will she succumb to it herself? The true battle has only begun for our heroes as their … Více
  • Power Girl #2

    OUT OF METROPOLIS, ON A ROAD TRIP! As a Kryptonian virus rapidly spreads along the coast, Power Girl departs Metropolis looking to redeem herself for her catastrophic mistakes. It’s not easy being a part of the Super-Family, but Paige has … Více
  • Power Girl Returns TP

    Power Girl takes center stage! With new powers and a new mission, Power Girl faces a challenge unlike any she’s experienced before! With Omen’s guidance, she now strives to battle the demons—literal and figurative—lurking within the minds of some of … Více
  • Knight Terrors: Action Comics #2

    HUNTED BY CYBORG SUPERMAN! Reality bites! With her perfect nightmare world slowly showing its cracks, Power Girl searches for answers, hoping to find a villain to punch and a way out. Little does she know a threat from her past … Více
  • Knight Terrors: Action Comics #1

    Slipping into the world of nightmares is only the beginning as Power Girl faces off with the scariest dream of all…herself! Paige may have narrowly escaped the grasp of the devious Johnny Sorrow, but all of that was just a … Více
  • Variant

    Power Girl Special #1

    Stanley Artgerm Lau Card Stock Variant