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  • Captain America #5

    New information about Captain America’s recent attacker—a mysterious figure known only as the Emissary—has Steve Rogers, Misty Knight and Sharon Carter scrambling to protect a peace rally from being this new foe’s next target. But how can masters of physical … Více
  • Captain America #3

    Misty Knight has uncovered a string of murders with seemingly supernatural origins—and Captain America’s been marked as the next target. Something about the crime scene strikes Steve as familiar…but can he find the connection between the murders and his past … Více
  • Gold Goblin #5

    Norman’s big play as a super hero is here. Can he STAY a hero? Is his return to the Green Goblin inevitable?
  • GAMMA FLIGHT #1 (OF 5)

    SPINNING OUT OF IMMORTAL HULK, BRUCE BANNER’S GAMMA-POWERED ALLIES GO ON THE RUN! Gamma Flight had one job: Find and stop the Hulk. But when push came to smash, they sided with the Green Goliath—and the human world intends to … Více