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    Cover B Chris Bachalo Card Stock Variant

  • Once Upon a Time at the End of the World Book Two TP

    The star-crossed lovers of Maceo and Mezzy try… and fail to create their happily ever after at the end of the world! In the post-apocalypse, paradise can’t last for long in… THE RISE AND FALL OF GOLGONOOZA! A secluded suburban … Více
  • Variant

    Once Upon a Time at the End of the World #11

    Cover C Jenny Frison Foil Variant

  • Variant

    Batman: Off-World #1

    Cover C David Finch Card Stock Variant

  • Thor by Jason Aaron Omnibus Vol. 2 HC

    Jason Aaron’s Asgardian war saga concludes with the final fate of the Mighty Thor, the return of the Odinson and the cataclysmic War of the Realms! But before Jane Foster lays down Mjolnir, she will join the League of Realms, … Více
  • Once Upon a Time at the End of the World #10

    In the final issue of THE RISE AND FALL OF GOLGONOOZA, Maceo and Mezzy inflict emotional damage on each other in ways even the wasteland couldn’t dream of, and the threads of their relationship continue to tear. The community is … Více
  • Once Upon a Time at the End of the World #9

    What Maceo felt for Mezzy turns to terror as he doubts if he ever knew her in the first place, and even begins to fear the woman he once loved. The chasm between them grows-quite literally-as Golgonooza’s foundation crumbles and … Více
  • Punisher Vol. 2: The King of Killers Book Two TP

    The epic showdown is here: the God of War vs. the Fist of the Beast! As Frank Castle, subsumed by the evil of the Hand, wrestles with devils within and without, the resurrected Maria Castle finds more and more of … Více
  • Once Upon a Time at the End of the World #8

    In the post-apocalypse, paradise can’t last for long! The cracks in Maceo and Mezzy’s oasis turn to chasms as their relationship stability (and that of the community) faces its first disasters. Will Golgonzola, and their relationship, survive the horrors of … Více
  • Avengers by Jason Aaron Vol. 4 HC

    Jason Aaron’s Avengers saga continues — from the dawn of time to the end of the world! Trapped in an icy cave millennia in the past, Tony Stark has lost most of his armor — and a good chunk of … Více
  • Thor Vol. 5: The Legacy of Thanos TP

    A clash of mighty Marvel monarchs! Thor, King of Asgard vs. Eddie Brock, King in Black! Hammer vs. tongue! Lightning vs. symbiote! Golden hair vs. pointy teeth! But whatever their personal differences, they must put them aside to save the … Více
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  • Once Upon a Time at the End of the World #7

    A secluded suburban community is the last thing Maceo and Mezzy expected to find, especially one so well-preserved and packed with everything one would need to thrive in the wasteland. As more people come to reside in this settlement called … Více
  • Once Upon a Time at the End of the World Book One TP

    A Post-Apocalyptic Fable Told In Three Parts For Fans of Saga! In this decades spanning post-apocalyptic tale, Maceo and Mezzy have never met anyone like each other, and they’ll need all the help they can get to survive a planet … Více
  • Once Upon a Time at the End of the World #6

    BOOK TWO: THE RISE AND FALL OF GOLGONOOZA, CHAPTER ONE Mezzy and Maceo found the unimaginable-a secluded suburban community, well-preserved and filled with everything they’d need to survive until adulthood. As adults, however, the highest highs of romance and contentment … Více

    Once Upon a Time at the End of the World #5

    Signed by Jason Aaron (CCP 2023)

  • Once Upon a Time at the End of the World #3

    BOOK ONE: LOVE IN THE WASTELAND, CHAPTER ONE: THE WAYS OF THE STRAYED Just as Maceo and Mezzy manage to find a touch of laughter and whimsy in the toxic hellscape they are traveling through, a gruesome encounter changes both … Více
  • AVENGERS #63

    AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, PART TWO: THE BATTLE OF ONE MILLION BC The Avengers stand face-to-face with their prehistoric counterparts, the Avengers of 1,000,000 BC! But if the two groups cannot work together, they have no hope of defeating Doom Supreme and … Více
  • Avengers by Jason Aaron Vol. 3 HC

    Ghost Riders at war — and Starbrand reborn! Robbie Reyes wants to finally get rid of the flame-headed monster that lurks inside him. So it’s time to do the common-sense thing: perform an exorcism on his car. The only problem … Více
  • AVENGERS VOL 10: The Death Hunters TP

    Collecting AVENGERS (2018) #51-56, Avengers 1,000,000 BC, Free Comic Book Day 2021.   Deep in the dark heart of the multiverse stands a shining watchtower. From there, the cybernetic soldiers called Deathloks are deployed to deal with grave threats to … Více
  • Punisher #5

    THE KING OF KILLERS, BOOK ONE, CHAPTER FIVE: GOD BLESS THE BEAST   Is the Punisher truly the Fist of the Beast and the predestined High Slayer of the Hand? Or is he nothing more than a prisoner of their … Více
  • King Conan TP

    An old and terrible danger threatens to end King Conan’s saga once and for all! Jason Aaron and Mahmud Asrar return to the saga of Conan — and together they take the Cimmerian futher than has ever been revealed in … Více
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  • Variant

    The War of the Realms Omnibus HC

    2022 Printing Variant Edition

  • Thor by Jason Aaron Vol. 5 HC

    JASON AARON brings his legendary saga of Thor to a suitably cataclysmic climax! As the War of the Realms rages, its effects will be felt by Loki…by Cul…and even, in centuries past, by Young Thor! But when the conflict is … Více
  • AVENGERS #55

    THE COMING OF THE NIGHTHAWK! Last seen during the events of HEROES REBORN, Nighthawk of the Squadron Supreme of America returns to the scene with a dark and mysterious purpose. Is he friend or foe to the Avengers? Nobody’s sure. … Více
  • AVENGERS #53

    THE DEATH HUNTERS, PART THREE: THE VIVISECTION OF AVENGERS MOUNTAIN  ASSAULT ON AVENGERS MOUNTAIN! The Avengers’ impenetrable headquarters is under attack, by the most supremely powerful version of Dr. Doom in existence and a wildly murderous Young Thanos, still wet … Více
  • AVENGERS #51

    THE DEATH HUNTERS, PART ONE: A DARK PHOENIX RISES OVER ASGARD THE DEATH HUNT BEGINS. Sent by the mysterious Avenger Prime from a great watchtower at the dark heart of all that is, the cybernetic soldiers known as the Deathloks … Více
  • AVENGERS #49

    “WORLD WAR SHE-HULK” Continues! Goes Nuclear! War beneath the waves. The Winter Hulk has been sent to Atlantis with a dark mission. And things will get even darker and bloodier if the Russian super-assassin Red Widow has her way. But … Více
  • Variant

    AVENGERS #46

    Peach Momoko Variant Edition

  • AVENGERS #43

    THE FIGHT TO BECOME THE ALL-NEW PHOENIX HEATS UP! As the greatest heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe are trapped within the battle to decide the all-new Phoenix – a bloody battle that has narrowed to a handful of … Více
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    DOCTOR STRANGE 4: Mr. Misery

    MISTER MISERY DOCTORU STRANGOVI POMOHL PORAZIT EMPIRIKUL, KDYŽ MAGIE ČELILA SVÝM POSLEDNÍM DNŮM! ALE TO Z MISERYHO NEDĚLÁ HRDINU. Ani trochu. A teď se tato stvůra z nočních můr chystá Strangovi předvést skutečný význam svého jména – a udělá to … Více
  • Conan the Barbarian Vol. 1: The Life and Death of Conan TP

    The greatest sword-and-sorcery hero of all returns to Marvel! From an age undreamed…hither came Conan the Cimmerian, black-haired, sullen-eyed, sword in hand, a thief, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the jeweled thrones of … Více
  • SCALPED Book Three TP

    Against all odds, undercover FBI agent Dash Bad Horse has managed to keep his cover intact while gaining the trust of Lincoln Red Crow, the man whose criminal empire he’s been tasked with bringing down. But like everything on the … Více
  • MIGHTY THOR VOL 05: The Death Of The Mighty Thor HC

    Collects Thor (2018) #1-11. Thor Odinson has regained his mantle – but Mjolnir is no more! And with a War of the Realms looming on the horizon, he’ll need some new hammers – lots of them! But will any amount … Více
  • SCALPED Book Two TP

    In these stories from SCALPED #12-24, on the morning after the opening of the Crazy Horse Casino, Dashiell Bad Horse learns that two women were murdered during the night. It’s up to Dash to find the killers and, in the … Více
  • MIGHTY THOR VOL 04: The War Thor HC

    Collects Mighty Thor (2015) #20-23, Generations: The Unworthy Thor & The Mighty Thor #1. Who is the War Thor? The Ultimate Universe’s Thor died defending the Multiverse, but his hammer remains. Who wields it now? Ponder that question along with … Více
  • MIGHTY THOR PREM VOL 02: Lords of Midgard HC

    Collects Mighty Thor (2015) #6-12. The legend continues with Thors new and old! Loki spins a special ages-old tale of a young Odinson in action against a hulking great enemy. You wouldn’t like this Viking when he’s angry! But what … Více