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  • Poison Ivy #13

    There sure is nothing quite like a romantic night with your sweetie in the swamp to make your mouth water. It’s the dawn of a new day as Pamela Isley makes her return to Harley and Gotham City with a … Více
    not rated 125 
  • The Joker VOL 03 HC

    The final volume of James Tynion IV’s acclaimed and bestselling run comes to an explosive conclusion! The Joker and all his enemies collide in Texas for an epic finale that will leave readers horrified and delighted! Collects THE JOKER #10-15.
    not rated 550 
  • The Joker VOL 02 HC

    After barely surviving in the jungles of Belize, The Joker’s fled to Europe! Jim Gordon pursues the super-villain, but the seeds of doubt are sprouting…If The Joker didn’t gas Arkham Asylum, who did? And what’s the next move for Vengeance, daughter of … Více
    not rated 585 
  • Sleva

    BATMAN Vol. 1: Their Dark Designs TP

    James Tynion IV’s smash-hit Batman run begins here! This start of a bold new chapter in the Batman saga collects stories from Batman #85-94 and Batman: Secret Files #3, featuring the debut of breakout character Punchline and setting the stage … Více
    not rated 495 

    A bold new direction for Batman begins as Bruce Wayne’s circumstances are forever changed. How did The Joker’s rampage affect the citizens of Gotham City? Bruce Wayne and the city he loves have changed dramatically following the events of “The … Více
    not rated 549 
  • Variant

    BATMAN #87

    Francesco Mattina Variant

    not rated 140 
  • Variant

    THE FLASH #83

    Guillem March Variant

    not rated 140