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  • The Penguin #8

    THE PENGUIN MAKES HIS MOVE! The Penguin gathered his muscle, his advisor, and his insider…now it’s time to reclaim his throne in Gotham City! Phase One—a family reunion!
  • The Penguin #7

    A PIVOTAL CHAPTER IN THE HISTORY OF BATMAN AND THE PENGUIN! In the shocking second chapter of the story of Batman and the Penguin’s first meeting, a dramatic change in their relationship has emerged…is Cobblepot ready to go toe-to-toe with … Více
  • Variant

    CATWOMAN #62

    Cover F Jorge Fornés Card Stock Variant

  • The Penguin #4

    TOM KING AND RAFAEL DE LA TORRE REDEFINE THE ICONIC VILLAIN! Oswald Cobblepot’s plan to return to Gotham City is about to be executed, but he’s going to need one last, key piece…and only a beautiful face from his past … Více
  • Label

    BATMAN: The Knight #9

    Bruce Wayne has traveled the world learning from the best to be the best. Class time is now over, and the final exam is here! Enter… the Demon’s Head!
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    BATMAN: The Knight #8

    Bruce Wayne’s journey to become the Dark Knight has taken him around the globe several times, but his training is nearly complete. His trials, however, haven’t gone unnoticed: someone has been watching him…hunting him! The final test of the Batman … Více
  • BATMAN: The Knight #7

    Magic is in the air as Bruce Wayne travels to New York City to study under the legendary John Zatara and his daughter, Zatanna. But there’s dark magic loose in the Big Apple, and Bruce’s path toward becoming Batman must … Více
  • BATMAN: The Knight #6

    Bruce Wayne’s difficult journey to become Batman continues as he travels to Northern Canada seeking a mastery of weapons and marksmanship from a legendary hunter. Bruce’s companion, however, will reveal a lethal secret that could jeopardize the entire mission…
  • BATGIRL VOL 08: The Joker War HC

    “The Joker War” targets Barbara, as an era of Batgirl comes to a close! Why is Barbara in the hospital, and what is James Gordon Jr. doing here? After an encounter with The Joker leaves Barbara temporarily disabled, Babs is … Více

    In this issue, Bruce Wayne meets the next Batman! As the dark detective makes his move to put an end to the villainous Magistrate once and for all, the man who once wore the cowl encounters the next Batman-and these … Více